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Thursday, September 22, 2005

more armadillos

Being holed up in the swampy jungles of florida with 20 or so playwrites, composers and visual artists and a seemingly ending supply of alcohol can sometimes send you into the cover of the thick dense undergrowth for light releif.
Such was the case the other night when rather than put up with the contiuous witterings of some of the playwrites (much like several thousand cicadas on speed put through a P.A system) I on hearing the loud rustling in the bushs decided to spend some quality time with the rustler, which was my old friend the armadillo. He/She was so involved in his snuffling that he was blissfully unaware of my presence just inches away. Sensing a video opportunity I rushed to get my camera and rather pathetic torch. I stick with him for about three quarters of an hour training my torch on him when he emerged from the bushes. He became slightly suspicious at one point as he sat up on his back legs and sniffed the air with his long snout but remained generally impervious to me. At last he decided to explore the undergrowth across the track and he sauntered across under the full glare of the outdoor lights. My heart swelled when in my camera I saw the perfect armadillo footage until I realised I had not pushed the record button hard enough. 'AAAAAAAH FUCK' i swore quietly to myself as I trained the camera on to the now receding bottom of the said creature.
I hate people who when seeing something amazing immediately reach for their camera and thereby miss the moment. There was I think some karmic retribution in my incompotence.
See Olivia's Toast and Honey blog for a more objective view as to why I stalk armadillos.


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