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Thursday, September 22, 2005

collaboration with composer, playwrite and insects

Pui-Shan a lively and intense woman from Hong Kong accosted me as I was about to enter my flea pit to catch upon some sleep. 'I need to write some music this weekend, too much talking, you will do some visuals, but we need someone to write a text'.
This was not a woman to argue with and having just heard her piece for 4 saxaphones which had literally sent shocks through the core of my being I knew this was an opportinity too good to miss.
'I know just the man' I replied and led her Dominc in his writing nest above the dining room. Dominic is an Italian American from New Joirsey and kind of reminds me of a cross between Woody Allen and Paulie from the Sopranos. So very wired, very loud and very funny with an Italian warmth. He, like me, realised the futlity of arguing with Pui--Shan and so it was agreed. The only condition for Dominic was that it had to have as its theme the myth of the minotaur. After going through the story Pui-Shan decided the we would 'do Icarus' and despite interest from me and Dominic to do something with the Oracle we caved in.
As Pui-Shan marched out of the dining room, the deal having been done and Dominic having (under great pressure) agreed to have written it by lunch tomorrow, Dominic looked at me and said, 'God, not only does she have brains and beauty, she has a personality as well'.
Some two weeks later I am still making the film after much videoing of ants, butterflys and burning text. I am nearly there and for some time didn't think it was going to work. Pui-Shan was too dictatorial, not collaborative enough in nature and I could just not imagine it. However I showed them my work in progress just yesterday, moths and beetles flapping whilst they are engulfed in flames, or being wound upin thread (no animals were harmed in the making of this film, I hasten to add), and to my releif it got the thumbs up despite its raw edges. Thank God


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