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Thursday, September 22, 2005

collaboration with composer, playwrite and insects

Pui-Shan a lively and intense woman from Hong Kong accosted me as I was about to enter my flea pit to catch upon some sleep. 'I need to write some music this weekend, too much talking, you will do some visuals, but we need someone to write a text'.
This was not a woman to argue with and having just heard her piece for 4 saxaphones which had literally sent shocks through the core of my being I knew this was an opportinity too good to miss.
'I know just the man' I replied and led her Dominc in his writing nest above the dining room. Dominic is an Italian American from New Joirsey and kind of reminds me of a cross between Woody Allen and Paulie from the Sopranos. So very wired, very loud and very funny with an Italian warmth. He, like me, realised the futlity of arguing with Pui--Shan and so it was agreed. The only condition for Dominic was that it had to have as its theme the myth of the minotaur. After going through the story Pui-Shan decided the we would 'do Icarus' and despite interest from me and Dominic to do something with the Oracle we caved in.
As Pui-Shan marched out of the dining room, the deal having been done and Dominic having (under great pressure) agreed to have written it by lunch tomorrow, Dominic looked at me and said, 'God, not only does she have brains and beauty, she has a personality as well'.
Some two weeks later I am still making the film after much videoing of ants, butterflys and burning text. I am nearly there and for some time didn't think it was going to work. Pui-Shan was too dictatorial, not collaborative enough in nature and I could just not imagine it. However I showed them my work in progress just yesterday, moths and beetles flapping whilst they are engulfed in flames, or being wound upin thread (no animals were harmed in the making of this film, I hasten to add), and to my releif it got the thumbs up despite its raw edges. Thank God

more armadillos

more armadillos

Being holed up in the swampy jungles of florida with 20 or so playwrites, composers and visual artists and a seemingly ending supply of alcohol can sometimes send you into the cover of the thick dense undergrowth for light releif.
Such was the case the other night when rather than put up with the contiuous witterings of some of the playwrites (much like several thousand cicadas on speed put through a P.A system) I on hearing the loud rustling in the bushs decided to spend some quality time with the rustler, which was my old friend the armadillo. He/She was so involved in his snuffling that he was blissfully unaware of my presence just inches away. Sensing a video opportunity I rushed to get my camera and rather pathetic torch. I stick with him for about three quarters of an hour training my torch on him when he emerged from the bushes. He became slightly suspicious at one point as he sat up on his back legs and sniffed the air with his long snout but remained generally impervious to me. At last he decided to explore the undergrowth across the track and he sauntered across under the full glare of the outdoor lights. My heart swelled when in my camera I saw the perfect armadillo footage until I realised I had not pushed the record button hard enough. 'AAAAAAAH FUCK' i swore quietly to myself as I trained the camera on to the now receding bottom of the said creature.
I hate people who when seeing something amazing immediately reach for their camera and thereby miss the moment. There was I think some karmic retribution in my incompotence.
See Olivia's Toast and Honey blog for a more objective view as to why I stalk armadillos.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

armadillos, snakes and ants

whenever i walk through the hot and loud jungle swamps (in the Atlantic Center for the Arts) on the raised boardwalks whatever time of day i alwys wonder what or who I will run into. Judy a very jewish lady from Philadelphia shreiked this afternoon that she had seen a huge green snake cross her path. i set off in hot pursuit determined to see it. sure enough it had not gone far and I saw a small black snake wrythe into the undergrowth far calmer than Judy.
The other night I heard a loud and clumsy rustling in the undergrowth and so rooted myself to the spot. Eventually my patience paid off and out came a slightly befuddled looking armadillo, the first I have ever seen, looking much like a miniature comedy dinosaur. I saw it three time that night as it snuffled around for whatever armadillos snuffle around for.
whatever time of day whether 3.00 pm or 3.00 am you will always run into someone here. Its is good to be with so many other artists who do not stick to any routine and work day and night.
Likewise the ever manic ants who always seem to be on the go. I have probably spent more time with the ants than anything else (as you do). I have fed them sugar in exchange for them agreeing to be filmed. Last night at three am as we were sat in the mac room sort of working but mostly chatting someone alerted me to a scene of carnage outside in which a large species of red ants were tearing apart a large bee. I joined in the fun with my video camera of which they took absolutely no notice of whatsoever even though it was 2 cms from them. Maybe they are used to artists pointing cameras at them, as do the geckos who do not turn a hair (if they had them).
This place is paradise on earth.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

in the jungle of Florida I have seen very few birds so far, that might be because in the midst of Tropical Storm Ophelia it has hardly stopped raining. Glad I brought 2 bottles of sintan, no suntan cream.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

in a rainy swamp in florida

i have been very lapse about this blog though in my defence I set it up as a travel journal as I go to as many places in the world to make an animation film. This is my first stop, Atlantic Center for the Arts an amazing place set in lush jungle surroundings. I have made no art yet but this is only my first day and I havent slept in many nights so this is a short one. Tomorrow you will get a baddrawing. It might be of the racoon I saw in the taxi. Though can't do racoons.